Thanks for Listening

I knew you'd come through, and you did.  Thank you for the wise, funny, supportive comments on my last (rambling) post.  I responded to each of you in the comments on that post (I wish I had time to do that on every post, for the converations could go on and on...)

You are such good listeners.  You've helped me reinforce what I already knew in my heart, and I thank you from the bottom of it :) 

And, to continue in this attitude of gratitude...I was gifted with two awards this week:


  from Deirdre








 from Beatriz

Who better to pass these along to than all of my excellent friends who were there when I felt like talking...

Anno, Star, Beatriz, June, Bella, and Sherry, Rebecca, Barbara, Bella Rum, Tammy...and to anyone else to comes along with a listening ear and two cents to throw into the pot :) 

You guys are the greatest!!!