Tagged~Six Things About Me

Marcy has tagged me to share six non-important things/habits/quirks about myself. Here goes:

1. Hot beverages and soups have to be really hot~I can't abide lukewarm; 

2.  I always leave a small amount of coffee or tea in the bottom of my cup, usually because it's lukewarm by then (refer to #1);

3. I love being near large bodies of water - but I can't swim;

4. Also love being near mountains-but I'm afraid of heights;

5. I can't stand to leave the house with my bed unmade.  The rest of the place can be a disaster, but the bed must be made!

6. I'm terribly claustraphobic.  I can handle elevators ok, but being stuck in traffic jams nearly drives me over the edge.

And now, according to the rules* (and you all know I always play by the rules), I must tag six others...

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