daily routine

A Perfect Day

I love it when someone asks me to describe my perfect day - Even though I'm pretty sure my answer might disappoint them. You see, my perfect days are so perfectly simple and uncomplicated and...well, boring...that it seems almost silly to fantasize about them.

Perfect days for me are a lot like yesterday, and the day before that. I've been lucky enough to have a string of nearly perfect days going on here this week.

So because Angie asked, and described her own idea of the perfect day so perfectly, I'll tell you mine.

I come awake to the sound of Chopin on my radio, come down the stairway and turn on the kitchen lights (the undercabinet ones that make such a nice warm glow). While the coffee brews, I empty the dishwasher, and then take my cup to couch were I snuggle in the corner and read in perfect silence for an hour. Pretty soon, I hear the husband and fur babies stirring upstairs. I take coffee up for Jim, throw on some clothes and take the pups outside for their morning ablutions.

Then it's a brisk 30 minutes of exercise for me, followed by breakfast (Great Harvest bakery honey whole wheat toast with peanut butter and a banana). Then it's the looooong dog walk, made better if I can cajole my husband into joining us, after which I hit the desk and write for a couple of hours. Then it's lunch - maybe with a friend, maybe all on my own at the sunny kitchen counter, while I check in with social media.

For the afternoon, since we're talking about perfect days here, I would insert something that's technically impossible. My perfect perfect day would include spending the afternoon with my grandson, watching him roll his cars across the floor, pushing him on the park swing, reading him stories.

Yes, that would make it all perfect.

But since I can't have that, I'll settle for second best in the real world of imaginary perfection.

An afternoon playing music somewhere with my friends. Love doing that.

By late afternoon I'm back in my kitchen, preparing something for dinner while soft music plays on the stereo. When Jim gets home, we plate up the food and settle in to watch a program on our DVR while we eat. After clean up, we might take a walk if weather permits, or if not I might settle in my reading chair for a while with a warm puppy beside me. Usually we'll catch another hour of TV before I head upstairs for a long soak in the garden tub.

See? I told you it was boring.

But after 57 years on the planet, I don't apologize for boring. What might seem mundane on the surface is really comforting and peaceful. And I like that.

In fact, I find it perfect.