creative mandates

Investing in Beauty

"I believe words matter. I believe images matter. I believe music matters. I believe all of these things frame opinion and thought in mysterious ways we can barely explain. Because in this 21st century, the Media really does carry The Message.”  Sunday Salon, Modern Creative Life, July 4, 2016

Oh, that Message. 

It’s been really something, hasn’t it? For the past six months The Message has been increasingly virulent, hateful, and divisive. Ugly words are said out loud and broadcast across the world. Angry messages are hurled into cyberspace. People are “unfriended” - online and in real life too. 

I don’t know about you, but this Presidential election is really wearing me out. My head hurts, my heart is sore. I alternately tremble with anger and fear. Neither The Message we are getting nor The Message we are sending aligns with my true nature or my beliefs about the people of this country.