Creative Writing Exerciese

Time Crunch

If there is a universal complaint it's probably not having enough time. Between the demands of family, work, and life in general, there's hardly a soul I know right now who wouldn't welcome an extra hour in the day. Time has been on my mind this week, having written a blog post for a series of pieces on this topic at Andilit. If you're like me, one of the first things to go when you're under a time crunch is your writing time. Whether it's Wednesday or any other day, if your to-do list is longer than the time remaining on your clock, it's not likely that you'll stop everything to sit down and write. But maybe you should.  Even if you can only spend ONE minute - that's right, ONE  - having written a little something can ignite some creative sparks and also give you a sense of writerly satisfaction.  Like a 10 minute powernap or  a quick sprint around the parking lot at lunch, a one minute burst of writing can re-energize your creative juices.

Here's a place to help you do that: One Word offers you not only a one word prompt but a 60 second timer and a space to write in.

Have a minute?  Try it out.