Ta Dah!

As you can see, the Byline has been given a major makeover.  New address, new look.  I'm excited! And I'm probably the luckiest person in blogdom, having a professional webmaster at my beck and call (well, sort of- I try not to take advantage of his talents, even though he is my kid).   So, merci beaucoup, Brian. 

If only he were as talented with hair and makeup...

Seriously, it's good to shake things up every once in a while, isn't it?  A fresh coat of paint is invigorating, a new outfit or hairstyle lifts the spirits, and a new template sets the creative juices bubbling (at least I hope so!)

But the Byline is still my space to share my visions of Life in General and my own in particular.   Hopefully, those things that are meaningful to me might also speak to you in some way.  I feel priveleged to have met so many talented writers, artists, poets, crafters, and generally wonderful women through blogging.  I hope to continue our relationship in words and thoughts for a long time to come.