Sunny Sunday

There is much that needs doing this afternoon - laundry and vacuuming, some small work projects brought home from the office, packing my suitcase (more about that later!) -but here I sit at my kitchen table, the remnants of dessert (vanilla yogurt topped with fresh strawberries) next to me, tapping away at the keyboard and watching "that brilliant orb" settle into the western sky.  Lord yes, believe it or not, it was sunny here in southeastern Michigan -all day.  And all day yesterday.  And all day the day before.

Only those who have lived in the midwest in winter know how rare an occurence that is.  Three days of solid sunshine, no wind, moderate temperatures - surely a gift from God.

So I let some indoor things slide, and took the doggies for several walks.  Imagine their ectasy on feeling dry pavement beneath their padded paws!  Magic went flying down the street, plumed tail high in the air, a definite manly swagger in his shoulders.   Even Molly, usually sedate and ladylike, broke into a run just to catch up, and they trotted happily shoulder to shoulder, occasionally bumping hips like the two best friends that they are.  I tried hard to ignore their dirty paws and mud spattered undercarriages and allow them their moments of glory.

But now that the sun has dipped below the horizon, an amber glow waning behind the rooftops, I've got to accomplish a few things.  Like laundry and vacuuming, some small work projects from the office, packing my suitcase...

Oh, I promised to tell you about that...

Well, (lucky me!) our good friends have invited us to spend some time in with them next week at their timeshare in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Needless to say, I'm really excited.  But I have to pack a suitcase for this trip - I'm so accustomed to going to our house in Florida where I have everything I need already there, that I think I've forgotten how to pack! 

So tell me, do you have any good packing tips for me?