The Inner Life of Pets

Conversation overheard this morning just after I left for work: Magic: You may think you're going to get the spot on top of the chair, but it's mine, and I'm lying here to watch Mom drive out of the driveway.

Molly: Oh no you aren't - you always get that spot, and mom's really getting annoyed about that big squashed spot on the back of her chair because you're so heavy.

Magic: Any heaviness about me is pure muscle, you little fat fluff! Unlike you, who are so soft and wussy you can't even make it through the whole walk at night without Dad having to carry you.

Molly: Daddy likes carrying me! And I can't help it if my legs are shorter than yours and I get tired more easily.

Magic: You just need to toughen up, little sister. Why don't you get out of bed a little earlier tomorrow and I'll take you on my morning run around the yard?

Molly (sighing heavily): I really hate getting up in the morning. I love lying on my back underneath that nice ceiling fan mom and dad just bought. And ever since they got the king sized bed for us to share, there's all this room to stretch out! Mom hardly every kicks me in her sleep anymore.

Magic (yawning): I know what you mean. I've been sleeping a lot better since dad got those new down pillows - much more comfortable. Now, if we could just do something about his snoring...

Molly (snoring softly herself): Hmmm, you're right about that...let's just go back to bed.

Molly and Magic