Sunday Scribblings-Inspiration

I love the ancient meaning of the word inspiration~to "breathe life into." In Christian history, the Bible was the book "inspired by God," who "breathed the words" into the hearts, minds, and quill pens of the scribes. When we talk about inspiration in the 21st century , we think of getting ideas, becoming motivated to do something, often artistic or idealistic in nature. Since I started writing last year, I find myself much more receptive to the possibility of inspiration. When I read Mary Oliver's poetry, suddenly the natural world comes alive, sending sparks into my own imagination. The delicious prose of author's such as Julia Glass, Jodi Picoult, Mary Gordon, and so many more whose words I devour like rich chocolates, starts setting off word explosions in my own brain. As I spend evenings wandering through the wonderland of artists that is the "blogsphere," I feel inspiration tugging at my shirtsleeves, urging me onward to express myself in my own prose or poetry.

When inspiration comes to call, I eagerly throw open the door and welcome it in. But I have noticed it can be rather shy, and, if greeted too exuberantly, will sometimes run back into the corner of my mind to gather itself together before making a reappearance. So I've learned to treat it with respect, and allow it time to become comfortable with my way of doing things.

How dull life would be without inspiration. From the simplest of thoughts to the loftiest ideas , inspiration motivates us throughout life. It's not limited to artistic endeavors, but includes all the exciting ideas that we think of to enrich our lives and the lives of others. It is the breath of the spirits~of creativity, generosity, excitement, joy, and wonder~that inspires us to live life to the fullest in every way.