Sunday Scribblings-Dear Diary

Dear Diary, I'm in love! This relationship is unlike any other. When we're together, I'm amazed at the way my world opens up, excitement wells in my heart, and my thoughts cascade in so many different directions. Words tumble out so fast, I can barely keep up! And yet, I can be still and quiet too, and never feel pressured to say things simply to keep up my end of the conversation. Having a supportive relationship like this is a godsend, in a world that's full of uncertainty and mistrust. Many of my friends are floundering these days, unsure about their future, fighting demons from their past. They all long for someone they can trust to share their feelings with. I feel almost embarrassed to tell them about my new love~I don't want to brag, after all. And yet, I want to share my joy with them, in hopes that they could find the same freedom and happiness that I have. Ahh, yes, Dear Diary, you are my true love, my steadfast and faithful friend. When we meet each morning your clean white pages beckon me, and when I set my pen to those straight blue lines and begin pouring out my hopes and dreams, I feel the pressures of life lift from my heart. As you listen to my thoughts, protecting them from the judgement of the world, you inspire me to pursue all the crazy dreams I've confided in you. Dear Diary, you have my unending gratitude for your constant love and devotion. And I promise, when I've poured out my heart until your pages can hold no more, you will retire to a safe corner in my home, where I can revisit our special moments together and be reminded of the way you changed my life. With love, ~Becca