Even when you think you’ve done a good job of containing clutter, you realize that stuff threatens to overwhelm you. We’ve been making lists this weekend, mentally doing inventory of every room in our Florida house as we decide what to store, what to bring back to Michigan, and what to dispose of. Although we’ve owned the house for 10 years, we’ve never really “lived” there full time. It was always a vacation home, so we purposely tried not to clutter it up with too much stuff.

But we did furnish it from scratch (and oh, was that fun!) so we had to purchase every little thing you need to survive in a home, from wastebaskets to screwdrivers and everything in between. You’d be surprised at the things you take for granted - rubber bands, paper clips - that you don’t have in a brand new house.

As we do our inventory 10 years later, we realize that despite our best efforts we could probably start our own hotel supply company. Even though I intended to buy just the bare minimum, in a house with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, the bare minimum turned out to be quite a lot, and certainly more than I need up here in my little 1950’s style ranch house.

I don’t really have the kinds of hospitality supplies & hotel catering supplies that some folks do, but there’s a pretty good start toward setting up my own mini version of the new PeaceSuite Hotel Linen and Laundry Supply I read about online the other day. Their slogan is “take control and get organized.” Now that’s something I definitely need more of.