Weather has an amazing effect on the personality, doesn't it?  We're enjoying an unbelievably early spring (it was 76 degrees today!) and people are so full of energy and enthusiasm.  Just give folks a little sunshine and they're good to go - if only we could bottle that.  What's that, you say?  they do?  It's called Vitamin D?  Well, you know what I mean. 

You can't pop a pill and get that euphoric -suck -in -a -deep -breath -of -that -fresh -warm -air feeling that comes from the first warm days of spring.

I'm no exception to the giddiness of the first spring day.  Even a day of paper shuffling at work was made bearable by having the window open and hearing the birds twittering away outside. 

Each year when winter rolls around, I wonder if I'll make it to spring, if I'll survive those long months of  ice and cold and gunmetal gray, if I'll live to feel the sun on my face, to sit on my back porch and drink coffee in the morning, to hang my sheets on the line, to fill my flower beds with impatiens. 

Today, I knew I'd made it again, that I'd been released from winter's entrapment, allowed to breath easy once more.

It's spring.

I'm sprung.