I'm back. Did you miss me? 

Because I missed you.

Amazing, isn't it, how attached one becomes to these "cyber connections," these friendships created almost solely through language and image on a screen.

I've spent the past week on holiday with two of my dearest friends, women who I've come to know over the past 10 years based on our joint ventures in music and teaching.  During that time we've laughed and cried many times together...we've shared losses in our personal lives and celebrated moments of joy.  We've reveled in concerts done well, and sympathised over performances that weren't up to par. 

Yet during the week, my mind often drifted to thoughts of you, my friends - wondering how Bella Rum was doing with her health and wellness program, if Deirdre was still missing her niece and nephew, worrying about Sherry who's going in for her annual check up, and about Melissa's dog Zorro, who has been ill. 

So today, I've been busily checking up on everyone, seeing how they all fared.  It's been good to see you, my friends.

And how exciting to find gifts left for me in my absence!!!  "You Make My Day" awards from Deirdre and Immelda, and an "E is for Excellent" award from Bella Mocha


"Only connect," wrote E.M. Forster at the beginning of his novel Howard's End. "Only connect the prose and the passion and both will be exalted, and human love will be seen at its height.  Live in fragments no longer...only connect."

We are "connected by prose," aren't we? all of us who share our lives and hearts with one another through words written and sent out across the world.  We no longer "live in fragments," now that we're able to connect our thoughts with an ever farther reaching group of human beings.

Amazing.  Exciting. Gratifying.

All the things friendship should be.

How happy I am to have connected with you.