Re-Entry, Re-Newal

You probably thought I was still languishing on that sunny Floridian beach, didn't you? I'm not, more's the pity.

No indeed, late Monday evening I took the silver bullet express straight back to the hell that is Michigan in mid-winter.  When I woke up yesterday morning, I was greeted with skies the color of a battleship, and just about as menacing.  But they coordinated perfectly with the two inch layer of ice carpeting the driveway, not to mention the three week old slushy snow that's still piled in mounds along the roadsides.


"How can you stand to come back here after being in Florida?" my boss asked me yesterday morning.

"It's not easy," I replied. "It always takes me a few days to accept the reality of my situation and come to terms with it."

I must admit that this particular re-entry has been harder than normal, and I'm sure I haven't been the most pleasant of people to be around for the past couple of days.  Even the dogs seem to sense it, looking at me warily from a distance as if they're unsure whether it's safe to approach.  I've actually written three blog posts since I got home and deleted every one of them as simply too depressing to post for public consumption.

So I'm trying to get myself into a more positive frame of mind before the ball drops on 2011.

One of the things I hope to do in 2011 is write more ~I say that every year, but this year I have a couple of writing projects in mind that might provide the impetus I need.  Also, several of my blogging friends (including my son!) have announced their intentions to do more writing...maybe we can all keep each other honest.

And in that vein - Wordpress just announced a new initiative called The Daily Post, a blog on which they will post something everyday in an effort to inspire other bloggers to do the same.  Check it out - I'm planning on signing up.  Nothing like a new project to give me something to look forward to.

It's not quite a walk on the beach, but it'll do for now.

How about you?  What creative goals do you have for 2011?