Random Thoughts of Thanksgiving

Invited by Bug and further inspired by January (and also because The Novel is Going Nowhere tonight), here are my random thoughts on thankfulness:

~“The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.” - John E. Southard.

This quote, borrowed from here, came with a challenge to list people in your life who have helped you along the way, those who have encouraged, inspired, comforted, and supported you along life's journey. As I think back throughout my life, there are so many of those, family and friend alike. And just in the past few months, I have made many new, and inspiring friends through this blogging adventure. I name them and thank them in my heart...namaste~

~I am also thankful for the way my writing practice has inspired me. It has enabled me to become more aware and attuned to life and the world around me...the blue of the sky, the vibrant colors of fall, the family of swans I pass each day in the pond on my way to work. I stop, savor, and look at these things more intensely now~

~I'm thankful for the gift of music, and being able to share these next few weeks with my friend who is about to retire after teaching young people for the past 18 years. Such a big change lies ahead for her, and I'm honored to have shared her journey with her. I'm so thankful for the many wonderful young men and women I have met and come to love in my work with her~

~On a more practical note, I'm thankful that I have four days away from my office. It's been an extremely stressful place for the past few days, although I feel I've grown a lot in my abilities and in my relationships with co-workers. As usual, there is sweet with the bitter in life and in work~

~I am eternally thankful for the health and well being of my children, who have recently come through a stressful time and have made some difficult decisions about their own future. As always, they make me proud, and inspire me with their ability to chart their own course~

~I wish all of you many blessings of the day...may you enjoy and savor it, whatever you do...