Putting It Off

Last week I wrote about putting it out there, trying to figure out how much exposure I need for my writing. This week, I've been thinking more about getting some writing done to put out there in the first place! I've been procrastinating several writing projects for a couple of weeks, finding every way I could to keep myself from getting started on them. Part of the reason was feeling insecure about them - both were in rather new territory for me, and I was unsure of where or how to start. When I don't feel confident, I have a bad habit of retreating into a corner rather than trying to get help or risking a possible failure. The other reason for my procrastination was a general malaise that's come over me this month. Call it the January blahs or missing my Grandson or general age related apathy, it has affected my writing practice.

Whatever the reasons, I've been putting off writing.

A funny thing happened this week. I spent a morning rehearsing with my handbell group, and things were going really well. We were making good progress on some very difficult music, working out tempos, figuring out dynamic changes, analyzing the various paths of melodic and harmonic lines. I came home really energized from that rehearsal, sat down at my desk, and hammered out everything I needed to do to complete one of those projects.

The creative energy from my musical rehearsal had a positive after effect on my writing. I was no longer putting it off, but really getting it on!


How about you? Have you ever had a positive transference of energy from one creative endeavor to another? What helps you get back in the groove when you've been putting off writing?