Practice Makes -Brillante!

Mille grazie,  Miz B, one of the Write On Wednesday regulars, for honoring WOW with it's first blog awardBrillante  is occasionally written as a musical direction, meaning to play with "verve and excitement."  It requires hours of practice to achieve that goal at my piano keyboard, and the end result of our work at the computer keyboard takes an equal amount of effort.

Just this morning I was reading Natalie Goldberg's book, Writing Down the Bones.  In her chapter entitled Writing As A Practice, she says this:

Writing practice embraces your whole life and doesn't demand any logical form.  It's a place that you can come to wild and unbridled, mixing the dream of your grandmother's soup with the astounding clouds outside your window.  It is undirected and has to do with all of you right in your present moment.  It's our wild forest where we gather energy before going to prune our garden, write our books and novels.  It's a continual practice.

I'm really enjoying sharing part of my writing practice with all of you - your words provide great inspiration and insight for the journey.  In my book, you are all Brillante!