Poetry Thursday - In the Voice of Another

If Life should walk Beside me
all Lovliness to See -
I'd take its Hand - invite it In -
my Heart's true Company.
If Death should walk Beside me
grave Lonliness to Bear -
it too, would be Welcome -
my Heart's burden Gladly share.
For now, Content, I walk Alone
midst trees of Evergreen -
my Rhymes and Songs to Guide me
toward Pathways yet Unseen.
Emily Dickinson has always fascinated me, from the time I was a child and first read "I'm Nobody! Who are you? Are you - Nobody - too?" I was, and still am, envious of her complete self-containment, her single minded dedication to her poetry. Her reclusive life seemed romantic and glamorous to me, a young girl growing up in a midwestern suburb, cherishing her own dreams of "the writer's life," and I almost feel as if I'm committing an act of sacrilege, making this faint attempt to capture the rhythm and grace of her voice.
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