Poetry Thursday - Arabesque

The poem was inspired by one of my all time favorite piano compositions, Arabesque No.1, by Claude Debussy. It's a rich, but delicate, non-stop melody, that instantly brings to mind a ballerina executing one graceful arabesque after another.

Light, skittering footsteps propel her across the stage her tiny body all grace and air spinning, floating freely.

Alone she sparkles long, slender limbs like wings attitude of strength beauty beyond compare.
Motion is joy is flight, is freedom - dizzying spins, wide leaps full stops in repose.
The air is charged with the heat of her movment her passion ignites every soul in the room.
Oh, the hours she has toiled to reach this place caught in the gaze of 1000 eyes.
Held in the light of such love and devotion their admiration -nourishment
their applause - nectar.
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