One Deep Breath-The Sea

A couple of weeks ago, in the midst of an absolutely crazy busy week, I flew to Florida for two days. It seemed ridiculous to me at the time~I was exhausted from dealing with work, preparing for the competition I was accompanying, and handling issues with my mother in law. But, Jim was there for the week, and he encouraged me to take the 48 hours I managed to eke out of my schedule and come down for a brief respite. In that tiny period of time, really just one full day, I managed to do the things I love most about spending time in Florida (aside from being with my family, which is of course, always the best part of being there). Eating at the outdoor cafes, riding our bikes, and of course, walking along the beach.

waves lick my toes eternal rhythms echo in my heart ~ taste of sea salt lingers on my lips~ ocean's kiss ~ sea walk calms my spirit sends me home rested and renewed take a deep breath and plunge into more sea haiku here