On My List

I'm in the process of enjoying a few days of relative normalcy after a very hectic couple of weeks. So I thought I'd take a few minutes and review what's currently "on my list" - such as... 1. On My Bedside Table: The Doctor's Daughter, by Hilma Wolitzer, for literary edification; Somehow Form A Family, by Tony Early, for my memoir writing class; and A Continual Feast, by Jan Karon, for spiritual enrichment.

2. On My Music Stand: Mozart Sonata #12 in D Major, K. 284.

3. In My Car CD Player: The Circle of Grace, a "woman's novel" about four friends who reunite after being apart for 30 years.

4. In My Home Stereo: Schubert's Trout Quintet, for feeding my chamber music dreams;

5. On My TiVo: America Idol, a very guilty pleasure, and Dancing with the Stars finale, which I watch occasionally when I feel the need to "get pumped."

6. In My Netflix Queue: Six Feet Under, the final season, disc one; and Mad Hot Ballroom (more dancing!)

7. In My Refrigerator: Pork chops for tonight's dinner; Cesar salad with grilled chicken for tomorrow's lunch; and Red Diamond Chardonnay (2002), a smooth new (to me) label from Washington state;

8. On My Agenda: A quiet weekend getaway, just the two of us, to the Bayshore Resort in Traverse City. Three nights of peace and quiet, with the big lake right outside the window, and a jacuzzi for two right inside the room. Can't wait...