Next Time Around

I must credit my daughter-in-law for this post, because she said something the other day that's been rolling around in my mind ever since. Actually, I became aware of her comment second hand, because I read it in my son's blog ( Keep in mind, my daughter-in-law is Chinese by heritage, born and raised in Thailand. Her spiritual tradition is Buddhism, which informs her attitude and view of life. She and my son have been married six years, and he wrote that she recently told him that she would marry him again in her next life.

That comment struck me very deeply, both with a sense of great thankfulness and relief that my precious first (and only) born has found someone who loves him so much, and also with a sense of wonder about what I would do and/or re-do in my "next life."

My husband says in his next life he wants to come back as my dog. Actually, a lot of my friends say that, too. I admit that Magic and Molly are treated like royalty, and I guess if I had to come back as an animal I'd like to come back as one of them too! But, if I was given the opportunity to come back to earth as a human what would I do, how would I wish to be different?

I think this question delves deeper than the "how would I live my life differently" question we all consider from time to time, especially as we get older. I've already answered that one in my head quite a few times. For me, my "wish I could do differently list" includes having more children, pursuing my music and writing careers more agressively, and moving to a different location.

But, if I had a chance to live life over again in human form, as some other human entirely, what would that be? Here's what I think...

I would still and always, want to be a woman. After all, we get to wear high heels and flirty skirts! More importantly, we get to have children, and in the great scheme of whatever universe you belong to, there is nothing more gratifying and enjoyable.

After that, I would wish to have the ability to make life better for other living things. I have often wished that I was someone who could join the Peace Corps, comfort the dying, help heal the sick - something to make life easier or more worthwhile. Sometimes I think I could do that, but I have a very deep seated natural reticence or shyness that tends to get in the way. If I could come back to earth again as a more extroverted, adventurous individual, perhaps I could do more things to help more people.

As for my personal life, I would search for a companion who shared my passions and understood my priorities. Someone who could laugh and cry with me, support my desires, understand and bolster my insecurities. Is that the companion I have lived with and loved for the past 30 years in this life? Would I choose that companion again?

As I wrote those words, I felt my heart literally breathe a sigh of relief as I realized that YES! emphatically YES! How blessed I have been, by whatever God (s) there are. One thing I have done right in this incarnation...I have chosen the companion that matches my heart, soul, and mind. May we find each other again, throughout eternity...

BTW... Happy 30th Anniversary to my (every) life's companion!