My Word Cloud

This is my "word cloud," a neat design formed from some of the most often used words in my blog. I got this here, and this company prints up all manner of things with your word cloud on it, like T-Shirts, mugs, mouse pads, etc. I didn't buy anything (I'm tempted, though!) but it was fun to look at the words which appear the most, and they do jump out as some of the most meaningful ones. I was suprised that "coffee" wasn't really big, although since it's followed by the words "complete content," I think that gets the meaning across. "Life like little love"makes an interesting phrase of it's own. The "time traveling two" must be my husband and I (although the word "husband" appears in such small letters, I'm concerned that he's fading from the picture!) And it all finishes up with "years (big blank) young" at the end.

But my favorite message comes right in the first line, in a crescendo of word sizes. I'm taking this as my word cloud motto - "beautiful becca begin!"