My Sunday Night

Every Sunday evening, Jim rehearses with his men's chorus. He leaves at 5:30 and usually doesn't get home until at least 9:30, sometimes later if the guys go across the street for pizza and beer after practice. So, Sunday nights are all mine. Of course, it's not like he bothers me when he's home. After all, he's mostly in our little family room, glued to his new Sony Bravia High Definition TV. And I'm mostly in my little office, glued to my Dell Inspiron 8600. But on Sunday nights, if I wanted to, I could play all my old Eagles and Phil Collins CD's and dance around the living room. I could watch my favorite chick flicks like The Hours, and The Way We Were, and Love Actually, and Somethings Gotta Give. I could eat hummous and grape leaves, which he can't stand the sight or smell of. I usually don't do any of those things, but its kind of fun to know I could - if I wanted to. Here's what I did tonight: I practiced handbell music with real handbells instead of spoons (don't even ask). I taught the dogs to play hide and seek, which involved them getting a lot of treats. I finished my daily word quota on the novel. I had a glass of wine and read my November issue of More magazine. And in five minutes, I'm going to watch Brothers and Sisters on TV. That was my Sunday night. It was fine. I hope yours was too.