Marketing Madness (Take 2)

At that same business function I attended the other day, I met a woman who Tweets for a living. Yes, Tweets ~ as in Twitter.

She also does Facebook and Linked-In, and something else  whose name I didn't catch.

She's made a career of being a Social Media expert.

Meeting her was rather serendipitous because earlier that day at the office we'd been looking at the prototype for our new website, noticing that it had been configured to display a live Twitter feed.

"We don't need that, do we?" I queried. 

"I really think we should to try this," said E., the young woman who's managing our new marketing campaign.  "All the attorney's we're marketing have it on their web sites."

Naturally, Sandra, the Social Media expert I referred to earlier, was in total agreement.

"Absolutely! You must put your name out there and get involved in social media networking and marketing!"  

I still wasn't convinced.  A small medical case management group, targeting auto insurance, attorney, and geriatric cases ~ what on earth would we tweet?  Sandra wasn't going to give her secrets away, but she offered this tidbit. "Everything you post should either educate, motivate, or stimulate," she advised. 

Apparently while I've been playing around here in blog land, this brave new world of Social Media marketing has exploded all around me.  I started Googling the term, and the first link that pops up is Get A Degree in Social Media - from Full Sail University (my son's alma mater).  Not surprisingly, it's an online course.

So, I've been doing some further investigating, in hopes that any venture into this arena might be an area where my potential "marketing" talents might be put to better use.    My boss has even offered to send me to a seminar to learn more about this concept.    Although I'm still a little skeptical about the efficacy of social media for the needs of our particular company, I'm a lot more interested in the concept than I am in wandering around at cocktail parties or golf outings.

How about you?  What's your take on social media?