Looking Up

Whether it's because of the sun, the mellow breeze, being able to write this while sitting on my back porch, or just normal fluctuation of my roller coaster hormones, I'm feeling much more Matisse today (and again I refer you to this post for an explanation). The human spirit is amazing, isn't it?  It rejuvenates itself daily, healing over hurt places, pulling itself up by the bootstraps and moving forward with determination.  Much like a fractured bone, it can mend, generating strength and density from somewhere deep within. 

And speaking of fractured bones, I've just returned from the orthopedic surgeon who tells me that mine is progressing very nicely, and I can begin to "wean off the boot."


While waiting for the doctor, I read a magazine interview with Helen Hunt, one of my favorite actresses.  She was recalling some of the more difficult times in her life - a divorce, problems becoming pregnant, the failure of a tv show.  "Something positive has come from every tough situation in my life," she said.  "It's just hell getting to the positive part."

True, that.

I tried to walk my dogs today - couldn't stand it another minute - and even though we had to turn around at the church instead of going to the park (about which Magic was none too pleased ), it reassured me to set out on that familiar path, see the signs of spring appearing in my neighbor's flower beds and forsythia bushes.  Renewal is possible, even after the most bitter of winters. 

We will get to the positive part.

So storms will be weathered, houses will be paid for (or not), it will all work itself out.

Things are looking up.