Life Happens

It’s been quiet here at the Byline. No clackety clack of typewriter keys in the press room, no crotchety, cigar -chewing editor barking out assignments from the city desk. But then, it’s usually quiet here - just me and my little Apple computer, tucked into my favorite chair.

Like most news rooms, a lot goes on behind the scenes. Many things happen out there in the “real world” that coalesce in my mind and finally become words on the page. Although the only editor is the very fallible one in my brain there’s an editorial type voice in my head,  an ever-present impetus to try and bring my experiences to life on the page.

Life has been writ rather large of late. Lots of stuff going on and most of it hasn’t been good. Today I compared the events of the past week with a perfect storm - a coalescence of conditions that brought a number of things to a head at the same time and created utter chaos.

And I’ll admit - I don’t do well with trauma. I’m not one of those Sadie Strong types of women who thrive when the going gets tough. I like life on an even keel, and when it isn’t I’m the first one looking for a bucket to start bailing.

But there are oh so many things from which there are no escape. Old age. Illness. Death. Taxes.


That’s the big one.

There’s a big bunch of it around here.

So things will likely continue quietly in this newsroom while I attempt to keep my wits straight and my head above the water.