Just Say Yes!

In an effort to pull myself out of the doldrums I've been in lately, I snitched this idea from Michelle (who copied it from Andrea)....Happy Friday, everyone! yes to eating a classic Sanders hot fudge cream puff in spite of my diet~yes to Magic and Molly taking turns lying in my lap while I'm watching tv~yes to our first concert at school, with lots of great songs about autumn~yes to my new brown belted sweater and flared jeans that actually look pretty good~yes to my haircut, now that all the dreaded layers have at last grown out and so I'm back to my classic bob~yes to Jane Kenyon's Otherwise, the latest addition in my burgeoning poetry library~yes to the Fat Bastard Chardonnay (and yes, that is the name!) chilling in my fridge~ yes to Mario Lopez on Dancing With The Stars (sooooo cute!)~yes to the Detroit Tigers finally making it to the World Series~yes to homemade chicken pot pie for dinner~yes to an amazing performance of Our Town at the high school where I work, with some of my favorite students in leading roles~yes to Gray's Anatomy and ER on Thursday nights, so I get my fix of medical dramas all in one evening~yes to Leave The Pieces, my new favorite song by The Wreckers, a country girl duo~yes to a wonderful network of blogging friends, whose inspiring words always lighten my heart and feed my soul~and yes to a Saturday with nothing planned - a sure sign of being middle aged when Saturday night at home is preferable to Saturday night on the town!