How Was Your Weekend?

Usually I don't work on Mondays - at least not in the office.  But today I went in to prepare for the arrival of a new employee tomorrow.  Actually, it's the return of a former employee,  my friend K., who was my alter-ego at work, and will provide a welcome respite for me.  She's been working elsewhere for the past two years, and in that time I've become a little bit more indispensable than I'd like to be. But I digress.

When I'm in the office on Monday's my boss always comes by and asks, "So, how was the weekend?"   I find myself a bit nonplussed by this weekends are either crowded with concerts or sedately empty of activity.  I'm fine with either one, really, but the pleasure I take from such  activities isn't always readily understood.   If I reply that I performed in a concert and then played in church on Sunday morning, and that I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I might get a skeptical raised eyebrow in return.  "Really?  You like doing that sort of thing, then?"

Yes, actually, I do.

Conversely, if I reply that I sat around in my pajamas, read books, did some writing, watched videos while eating pizza and drinking wine, and it was marvelous, I'm sure to get an even more highly raised eyebrow.  "So, you like the quiet life, huh?" 

Yes, actually, I do.

Much as I enjoy spending time with my husband,  my son, or my friends, I'm equally happy with my own self for company.  Perhaps it's the legacy of an only child, this ability to play well alone, recalling the hours when parents were pre-occupied and the only available playmates were imaginary or four-legged (both of which I had in abundance!)  I can happily potter around for hours on my own, and sometimes feel guilty for craving the opportunity to do just that.

As for my original question, I wonder why my boss' inquiry leaves me slightly uncomfortable.  Perhaps my boss is the type of person who loves being on the go, attending parties and social functions, entertaining friends.  Perhaps she'll think less of me if I reveal my tendency to introversion, my rather low-metabolic rate in regard to a social life.   A huge fan of the TV show Sex and the City, perhaps she'd prefer her employees to have a bit more of Carrie's panache and joie de vivre.

Well, I'm afraid that's really  not my style. 

So back to my original question - how was my  weekend? 

 Simply lovely.

How about you?   How was your weekend?