Holiday Heaven

We really enjoy our second home in Florida, but one of the downsides of having a vacation home is that whenever you have vacation time, you feel obligated to use your "vacation home," rather than go somewhere else and spending money on a hotel. Sometimes, though, I like to go somewhere completely different, stay in a nice hotel and have room service, explore a new city, or even country. We've even talked about going abroad for a couple of weeks and renting a villa in France or a cottage in England.

There are so many options for lodging when you travel, and with Hotel ReservationsI can comparison shop for hotels or even cottage or condo rentals, all within a mouse click of one another.

The site is well organized, offers some great travel tips for every city worldwide, and, best of all, offers some great discounts - as much as 70% savings off regular rack rates in some cases. This site navigates well, too, so that it's easy to get back and forth between pages when I'm working on multilpe trips at a time - well, you never know, I might get to fo to Belize for New Years Eve!

I'm thinking with the holidays coming up, this might be a good time to getaway for a weekend trip - maybe Toronto or Chicago. Or perhaps I should look into that dream trip to Cornwall - a little cottage on the seaside would set me up nicely.

I can do lots of travel planning (and dreaming) using this one handy website.

Check it out...if you're not going somewhere now, you should be planning to!