Habit Forming

A journal can get you in the habit of writing regularly, of finding a time and a place to write. You're not just jotting things down at random on little pieces of paper (though this can also be a good idea): you have a notebook and you write in it everyday. Five minutes, an hour. It doesn't matter. You're starting a habit. And while you may think you need great rushes of adrenaline and creative highs to write, the fact is that very little gets written unless writing becomes a habit. Courage and Craft, by Barbara Abercrombie.

Within the past year, I've formed the habit of exercising every morning for at least 20 minutes.  It wasn't easy to form this habit, because it interfered with my morning coffee/reading hour , which is quite sacred.  But now that I have, I find my day is a little bit off kilter if I miss.

I've read it takes 20 repetitions to form a habit.  Would you join me in a writing challenge?  For the next 20 days, we'll spend 10 or 15 minutes writing.  It doesn't matter when, or where, or even what you write about.  It could be something silly your friend said, a new song you heard on the radio, something noteworthy in the news, or a favorite memory from childhood.

Just write everyday.  Who knows, we might just form a writing habit!