Grateful Saturday

I've been inspired by M's lovely Grateful Friday posts, and decided to end Friday/begin Saturday with one of my own. I'm grateful for:

  • Having my son and daughter in law here for a good long visit;
  • Everybody in my family (doggies included!) being healthy right now;
  • The past several days of cool, clear weather, truly Michigan summer on its best behavior;
  • A stack of fresh new books from the library;
  • Tomatoes in the garden;
  • Grilled salmon dinner from Mitchell's Fish Market last night;
  • The promise of my mom's honest-to-goodness Kentucky fried chicken for Sunday dinner - (does it seem like I'm hungry here???);
  • My laptop, which allows me to work outside on the patio instead of being cooped up in the house all day;
  • The work of UK Intelligence, which thwarted a horrible terroist plot - brilliant job!
  • This community of brave writing women across the globe who continually inspire me to explore my thoughts, expand my horizons, and expound on life in general!