Crazy Times

I'm crazy busy this week, a situation I hoped wouldn't happen with such frequency after I resigned from my job, but one I seem doomed to repeat endlessly throughout my life. The thing is, I've still got a million things going on - there's a big school concert tomorrow, I'm winding up some last little bits at work, plus doing a special project for my boss. I've got to get through another day of rehearsals tomorrow, plus the program in the evening, and a repeat performance on Friday morning, after which I'll be heading to the airport for a flight to Dallas, our first trip to visit our son and daughter in law in their new digs.  As always, before I leave home for any length of time I have to get my mom squared away with groceries and dog supplies.  I like to leave my house in some semblance of order,  although my definition of "order" seems to get more flexible every year.

Plus, I have to pack a suitcase for this trip! Horrors!  Because we have a home in Florida, we have clothing and toiletries and virtually everything else we need already there.  We get on the plane with literally nothing but the clothes on our backs, our laptops, and maybe a package of fresh Gevalia coffee. But going to Texas, I have to actually take what I need in a suitcase.  Sheesh.  This isn't going to be fun. I had planned on doing that this morning, but the weather was SO nice, I had to take the dogs for a good long walk, and then there was laundry to do, and then..oh well, you know how it goes.

Tonight I took some more time out and shared dinner with my friends from the office.  It was really heartwarming to have the entire staff come out for dinner - including my "replacement," of whom I've grown quite fond.  I'm always oddly surprised when people make a fuss over me.  I usually just go about my business and do what I do - I don't necessarily expect anyone to notice. But it seems they've noticed and appreciated, and I'm grateful for their acknowledgement. I've mentioned before what a wonderful, supportive group of women I work with - they proved it once again this evening, and I cherish their presence tonight.

Then, oddly enough, I came home from my "farewell party" and spent the evening working on a report!  "Only you," my husband said a few minutes ago when he walked past the office and saw me typing away, the nursing notes I work from  propped up beside me.

Just call me Über-responsible.

Or just call me crazy - I answer to that, too.

How about you? Are these crazy times for you, or are things all quiet on your home front?