Chaos Theory

If writing is thinking and discovery and selection

and order and meaning, it is also awe

and reverence and mystery and magic.

~Toni Morrison

Sometimes it seems we're bombarded with stimuli from the moment we awake.  Cell phones and internet, texts and instant messages, television and iPods, people's voices and dogs barking - the constant barrage of things calling for our attention can make us feel as if our heads are literally spinning around.

Taking time to write each day forces us to slow down and find a quiet place within ourselves so we can make sense of all the bombastic noise and disturbance around us.  Sometimes that means letting all the chaotic thoughts spill out of our heads onto the page, willy nilly, so we can start to make sense of it.  Because there's usually a nugget of gold, of something pure and meaningful begging to be sifted from the mass confusion that is modern life.

You just have to be still and find it.

Let the chaos of your life spill onto the page.  Then take a moment and look for the nugget of pure gold that helps you make sense of it all.