Cafe Writing-Seven Things

Seven Things About~

~Fall Foliage- The marvelous spectrum of colors is one of the best things about living in Michigan. Scarlet, persimmon, and brilliant gold is etched against a deeper- than- usual blue sky. Sometimes it's so beautiful, it hurts.

~Fall fashion - I love the dark colors associated with fall clothes, love the look of sweaters and the textures of fleece and flannel. And being able to layer clothing hides a multitude of figure sins.

~Outside Walks-October is my favorite month for walking outside. The weather is usually just right for me and the dogs (especially if I'm wearing one of the aforementioned fleeces or flannels) and they love tramping through (the aformentioned) foliage that's lying all over the ground.

~Cider and Donuts - Michigan has worlds of apple orchards, and October is peak production month for cider. We have a local mill where we can watch the apples get mashed to a goopy pulp before they're turned into cold, sweet cider, the perfect way to wash down those warm (and slightly greasy) cinnamon spice donuts.

~Birthdays-October is my husband's birth month, and he's certainly worth celebrating! In an odd twist of fate, his two best friends from school days were also born in October. The boys birthdays are each 12 days apart!

~Allergies-Nothing's perfect, is it? October is my worst allergy month, mostly because the nights get chilly and we fire up the furnace, blowing all sorts of dust and molds about. So, while I'm admiring the leaves and partaking of my cider and donuts, I'm usually sneezing and snuffling too.

~Halloween-I confess, I'm not a big fan of Halloween, and I particularly don't care for all the decorations people have gotten in the habit of putting up, especially the kind where bodies are hanging from trees and lying in mock graves all over surburban front yards. Call me old fashioned if you like, I think it's distasteful. But, I know children love this holiday (my son sure did!) and I certainly don't begrudge them their fun in dressing up and collecting candy.

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