But Most of All...

Although I don't typically make resolutions, when a brand new year rolls around it's pretty difficult to ignore the impetus of new beginnings, the opportunity to change things, do things differently, make significant improvements in one's personal life and health. Yesterday, Andi posted a list of "Things I Would Like to Do" in 2011.  That sounded good to me ~ certainly there are things I'd like to do with this New Year, but I accept the fact that time and circumstance may not always make it possible.

In that spirit, then, here is my list:

  • Spend less time on the internet and more time reading books and/or articles of substance
  • Spend more time with my friends, which will require me to make more of an effort to connect with people
  • Write more on both my blogs, and focus on writing well
  • Make some positive headway on two writing projects I've had in mind for a few months now
  • Make music more often
  • Learn something new, like the art of creating beautiful handmade cards ( I have several friends who do this, and their cards each holiday season are miniature works of art)
  • Take a yoga class

There's one other very big thing I hope do to in 2011.  You all may not know it, but  I have a melancholy streak a mile wide and it takes an enormous amount of effort to keep that from ruling my life.  Sometimes, the effort becomes nearly overwhelming ~ those are the days I come home and either collapse on the bed, throw things against the wall, or sit in stony silence until I can gather the courage to continue.  So as I put together a list of things I'm hoping to do this year, this tops the list:


One of the things I learned in therapy was that happiness is a state of mind.  "You're not happy unless you think you're happy"  says Gretchen Rubin, of The Happiness Project.  So this year I'm making a conscious effort to think about what I need to be happy and trying to make it so.

I'll keep you posted on my progress <smile>

How about you?  What things would you like to do in 2011?  What brings happiness to your life?