Be My Guest

Last week, Angie Mizzell, one of my favorite bloggers/writers/internet buddies e-mailed me with a very flattering request. "I'm trying to line up guest bloggers to post on my site once a week," she wrote.  "I'm looking for people I admire and who have stories that relate to similar themes in my book and blog.  You were the first person I thought of."

I love Angie's stories and the way she tells them, and I'm super excited to read the book she's writing about her experiences in television and her decision to leave that all behind to fulfill other dreams.  In fact, her story is one that inspired me to make some of the changes I've recently made in my own life.

So I'm extremely honored to have written the  first in a series of guest posts at Angie  Visit me over there today, and then go back and visit Angie everyday - you'll be glad you did.