Be Daring

Daring is the courage to try out the unknown, to move into unfamiliar spaces. That seems to describe perfectly the conundrums, and the promise, of writing, where each day we seem inevitably to create anew, to step into what’s next.  ~Miriam Peskowitz, The Daring Writer's Guide

I'll admit it - I'm not a daredevil in any way, shape, or form.  I like the safety of predictability and it makes me happiest to work within my comfort zone.  But on the few occasions when I have successfully stepped outside the box, it was thrilling enough to make me think that a pint sized daredevil might lurk within me after all.

My first inclination was to say that I'm not a daring writer, either.  But on reflection, I realize that isn't true.  Putting words on paper, whether they're personal reflections in a blog post, or from the mouths of completely fictional characters, is inherently a daring adventure.   So often, the simple act of writing takes us to unknown places within ourselves, spurs us to further inquiry about the world at large, and opens up a line of communication with people we might otherwise never have known.

So be a daring writer ~ dare to delve deep within your soul, dare to write it down, dare to set it free into the world.

Write on Wednesday: What's the most daring thing you've ever done - as a writer, or in life in general.