At Random...

Today's threatened promised snowstorm has finally begun, and, having made plans to spend part of the day cleaning out badly cluttered cupboards in my kitchen and bathroom, I thought it behooved me to clear some thoughts which have been gathering dust in the corner of my mind.  So, here goes...

When the school year began, I was a bit concerned about my dearth of opportunities to make music, fearful of becoming an office drone with not enough outlet for my creative energy.  Well, as my mother often tells me, be careful what you wish for.   Last week I was out for rehearsals four of five nights.  During the course of February, I'll have played (either piano or handbells) at three different church's (none of them my own).  Plus, several weeks ago, I agreed to accompany the high school choir for the remainder of their year.  And while part of me is loathe to admit that I've returned to this old ground once again (for the third time!), there's another part that has been energized by my association with these young people and their bright, excited  instructor.   One of the reasons I left this position, aside from scheduling concerns, was that I felt the need to move on in my music, try some different opportunites.  I've been able to do that, thanks to a former student who is directing a musical at a local community theater group and invited me to accompany for them.  Working with these adults has been an interesting and rewarding experience. 

What I've learned the past few weeks is that even though I'm extremely busy with all this, I feel less tired and dragged out than during the fall when I was home every night.  It shouldn't surprise me- playing music effects me like taking a handfull of amphetimines.  I worry less, I eat less, I write more, and I'm happier overall, when I'm actively engaged in this work that I love. 


My work life is about to become much less stressful, with the return of my former assistant and partner.  K., who left our company two years ago to work full time at a big insurance agency, decided to come back to our little group, and Tuesday was her first day.  During the time she was away  the scope of work in my department enlarged (while the personnel shrank!)  In essence, I was the only one shouldering the majority of the department's work.  Indeed, I was the only one in the company who even knew how to do much of this work!  A huge responsibility, especially for one who is only supposed to be part time (20 hours/week) and one who has a second home in a sunny, southern state.  I am now officially freed from the burden of indispensability.

Big sigh of relief.

Perhaps now I can begin to move on with some of the personal,creative projects which keep flashing in my brain...things like another blog (or even two!)...a new novel project...


If all this sounds like my life is manic, believe me, sometimes I think that myself.  Because stuffed in between the work, and the rehearsals, and the writing projects, are a husband and two dogs, as well as an elderly mom, aunt and uncle who require assistance in varying degrees.  (Although truthfully, my mother is probably more help to me than I am to her, what with all the dog-sitting and meal preparation she does.)  

So I take full advantage of days like this one, when it's snowing outside and I have no place to go. I look forward to them, in fact, these "snow days," when I can happily read, write, potter around the house, maybe even cook dinner myself for a change.   It's a nice change of pace from the daily busy-ness.

And on that note, I'm off to enjoy the remainder of the day.

But before I go... have any cobwebs you'd like to clear from your mind?  Stray thoughts are welcome here anytime!