Already August

Seasons come and go so quickly, don’t they? Already it’s August. My little grandson has been here for the past 10 days, and will go home to Texas next week to prepare for his first day of school on August 16. I’m happy that Michigan schools continue to schedule opening day after the Labor Day holiday - mid-August seems too early to begin the autumn rite of passage that is First Day of School.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this summer. For the most part we’ve had lovely temperate weather, allowing many opportunities for Jim and I to experience our favorite things: dining al fresco and listening to outdoor concerts. I’ve read a lot and rested a lot, but I’ve also been energized by a good exercise program and its resulting weight loss and improved strength. 

Of course we never do all the things we hope to at the beginning of each shiny new season. Early on I entertained notions of learning to play golf since we live on a nice little golf course, and spending some time at the community pool, neither of which I’ve done. I haven’t connected with friends as much as I’d thought I would- lately the “I” portion of my ISFJ personality has been in control and I’ve shied away (quite literally) from reaching out to people. But with age has come the ability to be gentle with myself when I fail to live up to my own self-imposed expectations. 

Onward, as one of my friends often says.

Lacey Li, July 19, 2018, on my lap

Lacey Li, July 19, 2018, on my lap

For us, “onward” in the month of August will mean welcoming a new family member: an 8 week old Shih Tzu puppy. We’ll be driving to Ohio next Friday to pick up Lacey Li, and from then on  we’ll be lost in Puppy Town. Honestly, I feel like we're having a baby. We’ve bought bedding and toys and crates and leashes and pee pads. I obsessively watch training videos on You Tube during my all too regular sleepless nights. It seems the thinking on puppy-rearing has changed in the past 15 years - as things do. We endlessly discuss logistics of having a puppy in this space - where will she sleep (our bedroom of course); where will be set up the playpen (otherwise known as the long-term confinement) area (the basement); where/when will we start taking her outside to potty (on pads on the deck until she gets her next round of shots, and then probably in the grass).

This represents a huge change in the lazy, laid back lifestyle we’ve been cultivating here since Jim’s retirement. But after much discussion we agreed the benefits of having a furry companion outweighed the detriments. 

So here we are, plunging in. 

Thus Life Goes On. I’ll keep you posted.

How about you? What are you plunging into this August?